We serve slow-smoked central Texas style barbecue with a Tex-Mex twist. Now open for dine-in or curbside pickup 7 days a week.

Barbecue Destination


In March, 2019 we opened a food truck at Division Brewing with a line wrapped around the building. We served barbecue in Arlington every Saturday for months afterwards.


Our Story

Our passion for barbecue started like it does for so many others - in our backyard cooking for friends and family. Since then, we've grown from hosting pop-up barbecue events to a brick and mortar restaurant in just two years.

We hosted our first pop-up barbecue event at Division Brewing in Arlington - then went on to have many more pop-ups throughout the year across Dallas Fort Worth.


In February, 2020 we opened our brick and mortar location on Front street in Downtown Arlington's Urban Union district. 

We expanded our hours to five days a week initially, and have recently expanded to 7 days a week.


Our Menu

1/3 lb each of prime brisket, pork spare ribs, sausage, and one side.



The boss of all barbecue platters:
1/3 lb each of prime brisket, pork spare ribs, sausage, pork belly burnt ends, pulled pork, turkey breast and two sides of your choice.

We eat, breathe and sleep barbecue

Barbecue means so much more to us than simply serving someone a meal. Every tray that leaves our line is the result of countless hours of work - from grinding and stuffing our own sausages to making our sides from scratch every day - we take what we do seriously. 

We'd love to have you in for breakfast or lunch, and we'll be happy to show you around the pit room if you'd like. 

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Texas-sized Trays


Pitmaster & Owner, Brandon Hurtado

Contact Us

Contact us with catering questions or media inquiries here

Hurtado Barbecue
205 E. Front St
Arlington, TX 76010

P: 682-323-5141
E: info@hurtadobbq.com


Open 7 Days 11 am-Sold Out

No refunds are provided once your pre-order is placed.  $100 minimum.

No refunds are provided once your pre-order is placed.

No refunds are provided once your pre-order is placed.